Jennifer Witsoe and Michelle Sawyer met and melded in the summer of 2000. Starting as an agency client of Sawyer's, Witsoe came into the picture with a half-decade of advertising account management under her belt. Sawyer offered up experience from the media world. And before long, Witsoe wanted to broaden her approach to the industry and tried the "other side" where the two worked together at a local media company.

After many late night conversations and an innate drive to start their own business, an idea for a new kind of media company was created. Having experienced the industry's ropes, learning from both the benefits and the short comings, Witsoe and Sawyer decided to leave the stereotypical corporate media mentality aside and approach the business from a fresh, new, and most importantly, more personal perspective. During Seattle's sunniest summer on record in 2003, the bright idea became a reality and Mediability was born.